What We Do

The P. Cutajar Foundation, a local independent foundation, was set up in 2015 to support charitable and cultural initiatives. Below one will find the objectives of the foundation.

a. To assist in whatever manner possible charitable organizations;
b. To support education, recreation and rehabilitation programmes for underprivileged children and for schools in economically deprived areas through charitable sponsorship;
c. To support voluntary cultural and heritage organizations;
d. To provide funding or other forms of support to deserving causes, individuals or groups of individuals;
e. To take such other initiative that may be conducive to the attainment of the above objectives

This year, the P.Cutajar Foundation’s main focus is going to be inclusion. We would like there to be more awareness, more empathy and more education about inclusion of all aspects. We would like to educate the public on what inclusion means and support the NGOs who focus on including individuals or groups of people who feel like they have been excluded from society.

We feel that the Maltese population need to be more educated upon inclusion. They need to have more empathy towards others and for this reason P. Cutajar would like to create more awareness. For eg:  helping the integration of non-maltese working and living among Maltese.